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Mamiya RZ67 Pro IID

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The Mamiya RZ67 Pro IID is the natural evolution of the legendary RZ Pro II, the industry standard used by many of today’s most renowned photographers and artists because of its large 6x7cm ideal format negative size, over four and a half times larger than 35mm. The use of digital backs, such as the Mamiya ZD Back or others, is easy through direct, digital communication with the camera body.

Also notable are the RZ’s ultra-high performance lenses, and multi-format versatility. Distinctive features include a convenient revolving back, bellows focusing, large, bright viewfinder, and extensive system of accessories.

Mamiya RZ67 Pro IID Specification

6x7cm format
Leaf Shutter
Revolving Back
Bellows Focusing
Single Lens Reflex

6x7cm, 6x4.5cm, 6x7cm

Interchangeable Film Magazines
Revolving Back
Auto-indexing Film Speed Dial
Dark Slide Pocket
Dark Slide Safety Interlock

Lens Mount
Breech-lock Bayonet
Gold Plated Electronic Interface Pins

System of 19 interchangeable Leaf Shutter Lenses

Electronically Timed Speeds
8 Seconds to 1/400 Second
1/400 Second Mechanical Override
B and T Setting
Mirror-up Operation
RBL Setting Accepts RB Series Lenses
AEF Setting Accepts AE Finder

Shutter Release
Electromagnetic Release Accepts Standard Mechanical Cable Release,
Electronic Release Cable or Infra-red Remote Control

Film Advance
Single Action 114° Stroke
Optional Motor Winder

Multiple exposure
Single Action Multi Switch

Rack and Pinion Bellows Focusing
Dual Control Rapid/Microfine Focus Knobs
Focus Lock
46mm Built-in Bellows Extension
Optional Extension Tubes
Focusing Scale
Exposure Compensation Scale

Folding Waist Level with Flip-up Magnifier(Standard)
Optional AE Matrix Prism Finder
Optional Non-metering Prism Finder

Field of View
95% with Automatic Masking for Vertical and Horizontal Revolving Back Position

Viewfinder Status Indicators
Shutter Cocking
Battery Check
Dark Slide Position

Audible Warning Signals
Incompatible Shutter Dial Setting
Low Battery Level
Lens Shutter Servicing Required

Focusing Screen
Standard Type A Matte, Seven Additional Interchangeable Screens 

One 6V Silver Oxide or 6V Alkaline PX28, 4SR44 or 4LR44.
Do Not Use Lithium Batteries.
Mechanical 1/400 Second Speed Operates without Battery Power

Dimensions / Weight
108x133.4x212.5mm (4.25x5.2x8.4?)/ 2490g (5.5 lbs.)
with 110mm f/2.8 W Standard Lens and 120 Film Magazine

Lenses Specification

Mamiya lenses are designed and built for today's foremost photographers who expect their equipment to provide both outstanding and distinctive results.

Engineers at Mamiya have developed rigorous performance criteria for each lens design. No detail is overlooked. No test is omitted. The goal is technical perfection...The result is a series of lenses which have set the new world-standard of performance.

Each lens element is precisely polished and coated using Mamiya's proprietary multi-coating process to increase light transmission, dramatically reduce flare, ensure crisp, clean whites and vibrant, yet natural colors.

Mamiya engineers and inspectors test continuously as the lens is assembled to insure flawless quality. The result is a lens designed so carefully, built so meticulously, that it consistently renders extraordinary performance.

It is Mamiya's unique balance of extreme sharpness, brilliant contrast, accurate and consistent color fidelity and overall high performance that captures the imagination of contemporary photographers who choose Mamiya to express their personal visions.

Among today's community of world famous photographers, Mamiya lenses have established themselves as the new benchmark by which others are measured.

More Information

RZ67 Pro IID - The Ideal Platform for Digital Imaging

From itпїЅs legendary 6x7cm ideal format, to its unique revolving film back, the RZ67 has earned the respect of professional photographers around the world.

Now with the demand from photographers to provide clients with the same quality and performance that they have come to expect, Mamiya introduces the RZ67 Pro IID. The RZ67 Pro IID is the result of an evolution into the next generation of digital and film medium format cameras. It offers advanced microprocessor technology for traditional film capture, while enabling direct communication of many camera functions to digital capture backs through its MSC (Mamiya Serial Communication) system.

Offering the professional photographer the same exclusive features of its legendary predecessors, the RZ67 Pro IID shares all the same unique world-class features of the RZ67 Pro II, PLUS digital back communication. It incorporates MSC technology that allows wireless communication between the camera and digital backs. The following functions are communicated to and from the camera and compatible digital back:

  • Shutter speed
  • ISO sensitivity
  • Shutter release
  • Number of images stored on the remaining storage device
  • Status of the camera body and the attached digital back

The Mamiya RZ67 Pro IIDпїЅs modular component system and MSC technology make it one of the most sought after and flexible imaging tools for the professional. A wide selection of interchangeable lenses, prisms and focusing screens provide the comfort and conveniences you would expect. Interchangeable film backs, Polaroid, or digital capture backs increase the choices that professional photographers can offer their clients. Manual or motorized film advance plus many useful accessories make the RZ67 Pro IID the ideal image capture solution for today and tomorrows digital and film workflow.

Manufacturers of digital backs have come to rely on what traditional Mamiya users have often taken for granted. There are many features that make the Mamiya RZ67 Pro IID perfect for the task. For example, the RZ features a secure locking mount system that is solid enough to hold even the heaviest of digital camera backs; A modern, and flexible electromechanical system that allows for the proper integration of remote triggering, winding, and shutter timing - a must for digital backs; Bellows-focusing for close-ups without additional accessories; and, world-class Mamiya RZ lenses. .

For a complete list of digital back manufacturers please visit our Digital Backs section under PRODUCTS in the main menu at left.

RZ67 Pro IID - The Ideal Platform for Film
The Mamiya RZ67 Pro IID combines rugged hybrid mechanical design with the most desirable electronic features of sophisticated TTL A/S Matrix Metering, precision timed electromagnetic leaf shutter operation, consistent from lens to lens, and auto wind and remote control option. A 1/400 second mechanical override is provided in case of battery failure.

With multi-format capability, the Mamiya RZ67 Pro IID offers an impressive choice of interchangeable film magazines including 6x4.5cm and 6x7cm, Quadra 72, economical 6x7cm pre-loadable film inserts, plus Polaroid Instant Proofing back.

Top pros consider the Mamiya RZ Pro IID a versatile, modular camera system for the most demanding commercial photographic applications including advertising illustration, fashion, beauty, industrial, portrait and architecture. Mamiya RZ Series lenses have ultra-precision timed, fully synched, electromagnetic leaf shutters, with specialty optics including Shift, variable flat field Macro, Zoom, Fisheye, and a spectacular series of telephoto APO lenses.

The Mamiya RZ67 Pro IID system includes interchangeable waist level finder (standard) , eye level prism, and advanced RZ II AE Prism Finder with MamiyaпїЅs exclusive A/S Matrix Metering System for spot, average or matrix measurement in manual or aperture priority automatic mode. Its electronically timed 1/2 step shutter speed accuracy in manual, and with the RZ II AE Prism Finder 1/6 step accuracy in auto mode yields perfect exposures even with synched flash for outdoor fill-in.

In addition to a wide assortment of interchangeable film magazines, inserts and backs, other system accessories include motorized film and shutter advance with Winder II, interchangeable focusing screens, variable diopter eyepiece magnifier, extension tubes and remote control. Also, Mamiya RB67 series lenses, finders, and many accessories are fully compatible with the RZ Pro IID.

6x7cm - The Ideal Format
The 6x7cm format is nearly 5 times larger than ordinary 35mm format. 6x7 is called the ideal format because it enlarges to standard 8x10" paper size without cropping, thereby using the entire image area, for professionals, art directors and clients appreciate the large, detailed 6x7cm format over others.

Revolving Back
With a flip of the wrist, you can instantly change from vertical to horizontal composition with the Mamiya RZ67 Pro IIDпїЅs interchangeable revolving back design. Effects are clearly visible in the viewfinder with auto-frame masking that assures accurate composition at all times.

Bellows Focusing
The Mamiya RZ67 Pro IID features built-in fast and accurate bellows focusing. Two concentric focusing knobs, for rapid and micro-fine focus, allow close-up photography with all focal length lenses without the need for costly or cumbersome accessories. Normal lenses focus to nearly 1:1 life size magnification without additional extension tubes.

RZ Pro IID Value Pack
Cat. # 212-090
The renowned Mamiya RZ67 Pro IID camera is now available in a factory packed, money saving outfit. By packaging the most popular components of the RZ System into one box, we are able to pass along the savings directly to the end user. Additionally, we have deducted all bonuses and other offers to arrive at the lowest entry-level price.

RZ Pro IID Value Pack includes:
RZ67 Pro IID body with Waist Level Finder which includes a built-in flip-up magnifier
RZ 110mm f/2.8 lens with lens hood
RZ Pro II 120 Film Magazine

Full Speed Flash Sync
MamiyaпїЅs world class RZ Series lenses feature electronic leaf shutters that allow flash synchronization at all speeds from 8 seconds to 1/400 second, allowing mixing of flash and ambient light exposure for outdoor fashion, portrait and wedding photography as well as complex studio situations.

Electronic Shutter Setting in 1/2 step Increments
Electronic leaf shutter timing allows precise and repeatable exposure setting in 1/2 increments from 4 seconds to 1/250 second, for complete control of exposure, bracketing and fill flash.

Precision 1/6 step Exposure Setting in AE modes
With the optional RZII AE Matrix Metering Prism Finder, the RZ67 Pro IIDпїЅs speeds are set in 1/6 step increments, ideal for precision fill flash or ambient exposure with the most critical chrome films.

Safety Interlock and Audible Warning System
For the pro under pressure, the RZ67 Pro IID features fail safe interlocks and warnings to prevent mishaps including firing with dark slide in place, removing film magazine without dark slide, accidental multi-exposure, firing without film in the camera, or missing metering finder or lens. An internal diagnostic circuit checks lens/shutter status and prevents firing when the shutter requires servicing for perfect accuracy.

Single Action Rapid Advance Lever or Optional Motor Winder
Film advance, shutter cocking and mirror return are accomplished with a fast, single stroke of the large advance lever. The addition of the optional RZ Power Winder II allows continuous or single frame advance or remote control operation at 1.2 frames per second, without the need for owning a second motor-integrated camera body.

Easy Mirror Lock-Up and Multi-Exposure
The RZ67 Pro IID body also features multiple exposure capability with a flip of a single switch - no complicated removal of film backs for perfect film registration.

Interchangeable Film Magazines
The Mamiya RZ Pro IID accepts a complete range of interchangeable film magazines for mid-roll change of film type or format. Select from 6x7cm 10 exposure 120 or 6x7cm 20 exposure 220, 6x4.5cm 15 exposure 120 or Polaroid Proofing Back. Be prepared for any assignment and switch from instant Polaroid proofs, to chrome film, to black and white, or any combination instantly in mid-roll. All Mamiya Film Magazines feature handy dark slide storage pockets for added safety and convenience on location.

Electronic Interface with Auto Indexing For all Lenses and Film Magazines
Each RZ film magazine and Polaroid Back features an auto-indexing ISO film speed dial, integrating information with the optional RZII AE Matrix Metering Prism Finder. Each RZ Series lens also keys in maximum aperture for total exposure interface information. Fast and foolproof operation eliminates the need to manually set film speed and maximum aperture when changing lenses or magazines.

Interchangeable Focusing Screens
Select from eight factory designed bright focusing screens, including grid screens for product photography or architecture, precision microprism, or MamiyaпїЅs exclusive vertical split image screen designed specifically for fashion and portraiture.

AE Matrix Metering and Auto Fill Flash Capability
MamiyaпїЅs optional RZII AE Matrix Metering Prism Finder features dual mode full manual or aperture priority automatic shutter with choice of spot, average or MamiyaпїЅs own A/S matrix metering pattern. The A/S matrix mode reads the brightness contrast range of the entire scene, and calculates a spot, average or integrated exposure in either manual or auto operation. In manual mode, a fast and simple readout features green, orange and red LEDs with shutter speed and metering mode readout. In auto operation, the shutter speeds are automatically selected with 1/6 step accuracy, ideal for chrome films.
Because each RZ Series lens features auto leaf shutters, in AE mode, once the aperture is set for correct flash exposure, the lensпїЅ shutter speed is automatically set for optimum daylight fill flash exposure with any flash system, using single or multiple heads. The AE Prism quickly interchanges with the standard folding waist level focusing hood with flip-up magnifier, or the non-metering Prism Finder II.

All accessories for the RZ Pro IID (except the RZ adapter for the Mamiya ZD digital back) are compatible with the RZ Pro II.


Attached to any of the RZ or RB prism finders, it assures enhanced precision focusing by magnifying the central portion of the screen. After focusing, it can be raised to confirm overall composition.

Featuring 5 lens elements in 2 groups, it produces a side-correct, distortion-free image. Particularly useful for critical focusing with wide angle, telephoto and variable soft focus lenses, as well as for copy work and macro photography. Built-in -6 to +4 diopter correction. For AE Prism Finder and Prism Finder Model 2.

Cat. #301-430.
Weight: 2.5 oz., 70 g.




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